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Frame from Bayer/Aleve ad campaign

Digital Signage Solutions Built on Innovation and Engagement

Frame from MTV/Jersey Shore Family Vacation ad campaign
Frame from Pampers Pure ad campaign featuring Chrissy Teigen and her daughter, Luna

What's this about?

At Coates Group, I developed and deployed responsive, functional components in both polyrepo and monorepo environments to support 20+ annual national campaigns for brands such as McDonald's, Dunkin, and Chick-fil-A, reaching over 5,000 locations across North America.

I was also responsible for writing comprehensive technical documentation, maintaining quality assurance, and conducting internal user training for my authored features.

Frame from P&G/Superbowl LLI ad campaign
Frame from McDonald's McCafé ad campaign
Frame from Folgers's Mother's Day ad campaign
Frame from H&M ad campaign

That's it?

Because my work at Coates Group is for major companies with non-disclosure agreements, please reach out to see detailed renders of my creations.