Dom Ferris

Filmmaker & Photographer

Visual Designer & UI Engineer

Digital Creator

Who he is

An ascii art portrait of Dom Ferris
Dom Ferris (b. 1991)
ascii portrait, 2023
Courtesy of the artist

What he knows


+ Film Production
•Narrative Directing
•Video Editing
+ Photography
•Photo Editing


+ ReactJS, StyledComponents
+ JavaScript, Svelte
+ Ruby, Ruby on Rails
+ CSS, Sass, Tailwind
+ HTML, Liquid, Markdown
+ Eleventy, Jekyll
+ Web Sockets


+ JIRA, Issue Tracking
+ Confluence, Documentation
+ Notion, Project Management
+ Git, Version Control
+ Adobe Creative Suite
•Premiere Pro
•After Effects
•Lightroom Classic
•Media Encoder
+ Figma, Prototyping
+ Freeform, UX User Flow


+ Empathy
+ Emotional Intelligence
+ Active Listening
+ Communication Skills
+ Leadership
+ Teamwork/Collaboration
+ Problem Solving

Where he's contributed

Associate Content Producer

Riot Games • WOARior

Apr 2023 - current

I produce marketing content for Riot's strategy game, Teamfight Tactics. What a dream! I just started, so please forgive the lack of detail here.

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Program Manager

Culprit Underwear • Contract

Sep 2023 - Apr 2023

I oversaw relationships with Maker, Amazon, and Tapcart, strategizing to boost revenue. I worked closely with the Founders, COO, and marketing to align our brand vision and messaging accurately. I coordinated with marketing, I scheduled concurrent project updates, and incorporated standard Shopify practices to optimize our catalog across sales channels. Additionally, I managed Culprit's mobile app interface design and ensured quality assurance practices were implemented and executed.

Product Manager

Sage Systems • Contract

Feb 2023 - Aug 2023

I streamlined the onboarding for Pain Academy's online physical therapy program, consolidating various processes into one seamless Quick Start, reducing the signup-to-completion time from over 2 weeks to an average of 6.1 hours. Additionally, I spearheaded the branding, UI design, and WordPress development for Feel Good's initial 12-week online course.

UI Engineer

Coates Group • Full-time

Jun 2021 - Feb 2023

I utilized responsive style guides to create components for 20+ national campaigns, reaching 5,000+ North American locations for brands like McDonald's, Dunkin, and Chick-fil-A. Leveraging JavaScript ES6, React, Svelte, and more, I contributed to industry-standard frameworks within monorepo and polyrepo environments. I used SSH to resolve production issues by tunneling into remote devices and integrated third-party APIs to improve data accuracy. I authored five detailed technical guides, cutting support issues and increasing the efficiency of team operations. In Agile, I assisted in drafting user stories over 30+ sprints & 100+ tasks. Using Switchboard, a product of Coates, I managed media for optimal content delivery, led training sessions, maintained QA standards, and published web content via Switchboard CMS to elevate customer experiences.

Web Developer

Page Bird • Contract

Dec 2020 - Feb 2021

I maintained 40+ static websites for Page Bird's clients, utilizing a tech stack including Jekyll, Ruby on Rails, Liquid, Stimulus.js, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, employing object-oriented programming industry standards and adhering to Page Bird's best practices. Collaborating asynchronously with the development team, I crafted two static websites, designed and built 12+ pages, and handled tickets to ensure robust customer support. My role extended to assisting small businesses in launching, updating, and maintaining effective marketing websites via Page Bird's services, contributing to their online success.

Web Developer

Spicy Green Book • Volunteer

Dec 2020 - Jun 2021

I constructed and designed component-based pages utilizing React Native, Next.js, and Expo for both web and native platforms. This involved collaborating closely with the Director of Technology and other volunteers to troubleshoot issues and implement new features. Our collective efforts aimed to bolster Spicy Green Book's businesses by enhancing functionality and addressing challenges of the application to ensure continual growth and support.

Post Production Supervisor

ViacomCBS • Full-time

Dec 2017 - Aug 2018

I oversaw end-to-end post-production for Viacom-owned WHOSAY's in-house productions. This consisted of managing collaborations with production, art departments, and campaign managers for global, multi-million dollar ad campaigns spanning brands like Google Pixel, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, and more. My duties included organizing media, guiding freelance editors through post-production while incorporating client revisions, and liaising with vendors for specialized tasks like visual effects, audio mixing, and music composition. I managed quality assurance, adhered to brand and legal guidelines, and handled final asset delivery for broadcast, web, and social platforms. Additionally, I maintained industry-standard practices for server upkeep, data management, and archiving.


Super League Gaming • Full-time

Feb 2017 - Nov 2017

I handled comprehensive video editing for promotional, narrative, and internal content across gaming titles like League of Legends and Minecraft. Collaborating closely with the Creative Producer, I oversaw post-production throughout each project's lifecycle. Managing a team of freelance editors, I ensured timely deliveries for multiple simultaneous deadlines. Additionally, I worked in tandem with the marketing team, guaranteeing cohesive and precise messaging in the content produced.

What they say

“It was an absolute pleasure working alongside Dominic in our production team. Not only does he bring a creative flair that elevates every project he touches, but his proactive approach and intelligence set him apart in the fast-paced environment we operated in.

Dominic's ability to anticipate project needs and tackle challenges head-on made a significant difference in our workflow, ensuring smooth operations and stellar outcomes. He consistently demonstrated an exceptional capacity for critical thinking and innovation, contributing valuable insights that propelled our projects to new heights.

Beyond his professional prowess, Dominic is a delight to collaborate with. His positive attitude, willingness to support team members, and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to any team.”

Nate Herrera
Creative Producer, Global Marketing for 2XKO @ Riot Games

“He excels in problem-solving - always has the knack of bringing solutions by asking the right questions. When it comes to communication, he’s always clear and concise. He’s an excellent team player and isn’t afraid to be a leader. Very detailed-oriented, excels at identifying issues and quality assurance. He’s one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet.”

Nathan Laolagi
Filmmaker, Trailer Editor @ GrandSon Creative

“Dominic is always excited to learn, and eager to work to the best of his abilities. He has a tremendous sense of craftsmanship and always turns in high quality work. I witnessed times where he was out of his comfort level, but he always managed to work through those moments. He proved to me that he was willing to try new things, and put in the time to work at them.”

Dan Lobraco
Lead Photography Instructor @ Lake Park

Where to find him