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Dom Ferris is a multi-disciplinary frontend developer that crafts interactive digital experiences. With a background in creative direction and storytelling, he incorporates his style, tone, and eye for compositional balance into his work, resulting in tasteful and dynamic designs.

What sets Dom apart is his meticulous attention to detail and genuine care for the people who interact with his designs. He views every project through the lens of the end user, ensuring that their journey is intuitive, immersive, and engaging. His understanding of accessibility shines through in his creations, acknowledging the importance of inclusive design to reach, respect, and serve a diverse audience.

Selected Works

Coates Group

At Coates Group, I developed and deployed responsive, functional components in both polyrepo and monorepo environments to support 20+ annual national campaigns for brands such as McDonald's, Dunkin, and Chick-fil-A, reaching over 5,000 locations across North America. I was also responsible for writing comprehensive technical documentation, maintaining quality assurance, and conducting internal user training for my authored features.

Graphics of Coates Group's services to their clients and clients' customers

Role: UI Engineer, Full-Time
Built with: React, TypeScript, Styled Components, JavaScript ES6, Svelte, Web Sockets, SSH, HTML5, Sass/CSS, MVC Framework, Atomic Design, Git
Designed in: Figma, Adobe CC, Freeform

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Sage Systems

At Sage Systems, I reworked Pain Academy's onboarding, combining multiple legacy processes into one seamless Quick Start, improving first signup to completion from 2+ weeks to 6.1 hours on average. I was responsible for the brand identity, user interface, and WordPress development for Feel Good's initial 12-week online course.

A laptop showcasing Pain Academy's onboarding
A phone showcasing Feel Good's program

Role: Head of Product, Contract
Built with: WordPress, Elementor, WPComplete, HTML5, Sass/CSS, TypeForm, Heyflow
Designed in: Figma, Adobe CC, Freeform

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Page Bird

At Page Bird, I worked asynchronously with the development team to help small businesses launch, update, and maintain successful marketing websites. Our team implemented object-oriented programming principles and Page Bird’s best practices, underlying adaptability and commitment to code uniformity among Page Bird's 40+ customers' static websites.

A computer showcasing an example Page Bird website from Acton Academy

Role: Web Developer, Contract
Built with: Jekyll, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Liquid, JavaScript ES6, Stimulus.js, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS

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