Video reel

What's all this?

This video reel is a curated selection of projects that follow my directorial journey, capturing the essence of my work across various genres. It showcases some branded work but more prominently my later, personal works that feature documentaries, something music related, and sometimes both. Hopefully it provides a glimpse into my attempts to translate the still moments of life, the process of music creation, and other creative bits into visually compelling narratives.

End credits from one of Dom's films

What's the story?

Before pivoting into technology, I spent seven impactful years as a freelance director in the Los Angeles entertainment industry during the early evolution of digital content when companies and brands began investing in content for the various social medias.

After creating a few short films during college, my early days in directing existed in the beauty content realm, collaborating with brands like CoverGirl, Teen Vogue, and Seventeen Magazine featuring celebrity and influencer talent. These experiences cemented the foundation for my directing abilities from an operational point of view, creating entertaining, self-contained series with substantial budgets and larger crews while adhering to multiple brand guidelines.

A pivotal moment in my directorial journey was the transition into the music world after documenting the finishing process of Jesse Boykins III's album Bartholomew for LANDR. This branded project marked a significant shift, blending the technical expertise I gathered while wearing many hats as a young filmmaker with my deep appreciation for music and the documenting of life in an unobtrusive manner.

I want to see more!

Because some of my film work involves projects belonging to brands and companies, I cannot show my full body of work publicly.

Please reach out for access to my private film showcase.